City Hall Old Court House

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Design Guidelines

The guidelines offer appropriate ways to address design, repair, rehabilitation, good maintenance practices and compatible infill buildings in order to maintain the unique, historic character of the Anderson Downtown Historic District.

The guidelines should be used by property owners, real estate agents, developers, tenants and architects when considering a project. The following are some examples of the types of exterior property changes that would be reviewed by the Board of Architectural Review:

  • Construction of a new structure Installation of an awning
  • Alteration or restoration of any exterior features of a building
  • Addition to a structure
  • Removal or demolition, in whole or in part, of a building
  • Construction of a new sign
  • Applying a new exterior siding material
  • Adding a new window, door or dormer
  • Creating a driveway or a parking facility
  • Adding a satellite dish (TV)
  • Building a deck, fence, garage or balcony

Review the complete adopted guidelines

Review the meeting schedule of the Board of Architectural Review.

Download application for Board of Architectural Review Certificate of Appropriateness and review checklist.

For more information contact Jeffrey Guilbault in the City Planning Department at 864-260-4005 or